The purpose of this net is to practice radio communications. In the event of an actual emergency, this network will enable neighborhood groups in and around Lubbock to communicate and to assist each other in responding and recovering.


All licensed GMRS operators are invited and encouraged to participate. Your help in maintaining this net is greatly appreciated.



This net makes use of the NetLogger logging program to transmit check-in information to other users of NetLogger. Net participants that are monitoring the net with NetLogger receive updated information every 20 seconds, detailed check-in logs, and an AIM chat window. NetLogger can be downloaded at the link below.

SPARC Net Staff

The SPARC GMRS Net is maintained and operated by volunteer radio operators. We are always in need of more volunteers. If you would like to help with the GMRS Net please contact Brandon Kimbrell, SPARC Net Manager.

Brandon Kimbrell - K5BEK / WRPQ556

Brandon Kimbrell - K5BEK / WRPQ556

SPARC Net Manager

Phone: 1-806-317-2620

Steven Sargent - W5SPS / WRQF281

Steven Sargent - W5SPS / WRQF281


Phone: 1-806-705-0168