The South Plains Auxiliary Radio Communications net will start in 5 minutes.




Good Evening. This is [GMRS call sign], My name is [first name], Net Control for this evening’s South Plains Auxiliary Radio Communications net. This net meets every Monday night at 1900 hours on GMRS repeater Channel 20.




Note that all stations using this repeater must announce their GMRS call sign. In the event that this repeater is not operational, we will use direct simplex on 462.625MHz, GMRS Channel 18. The purpose of this evening’s net is to practice radio communications. In the event of an actual emergency, this network will enable neighborhood groups in and around Lubbock to communicate and to assist each other in responding and recovering.




This is a directed net and participants should communicate with Net Control. If you need to contact Net Control, say your GMRS call sign and wait to be acknowledged. If you need to interrupt the net, please use break tags such as: “Answer” if you have clarification to a matter. “Question” if you need an immediate answer. “Info” to report important information.“Priority” for very important not non life threatening information. “Medical” to report minor medical incidents. And, finally,“Emergency” to break in with a life threatening situation that needs immediate attention.




We will begin check-ins in just a moment. Please follow the instructions of Net Control and stay on frequency until released by Net Control. If you have to leave during the net, please inform Net Control that you need to check-out. To check in, please give just your GMRS call sign, first name, and if you have any traffic for the net.




We will now take check-ins for all licensed GMRS stations






This is [GMRS call sign], SPARC Net Control.




We will now accept traffic from those stations that have previously indicated they have traffic.
[GMRS call sign or numeric suffix], go ahead with your traffic…




This is a final call for any late or missed or check-ins or other traffic for the net.




Hearing no more check-ins, this concludes tonight’s South Plains Auxiliary Radio Communications net. Thank you for participating! Join us every Monday night at 1900 hours. Remember, this is a practice net. Don’t be intimidated if you are not fluent or even familiar with voice procedure. We encourage participation no matter your level of skill or experience.




This net is now closed. Have a great evening everyone.
This is [GMRS call sign] clear/monitoring.